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Computek: Identifying and Troubleshooting Common Computer Problems

Have you noticed any problems with your laptop or desktop lately? Computer problems may come as issues with the software or software. When can you say that the computer problem is a software or hardware issues? It is really annoying dealing with computer issues that keep coming back and forth, most especially if you are in the middle of doing an important computer project or work. Let’s dig deeper into the most common computer problems.

A slow running computer can be associated with a software issue due to invasion or attack of malware, building up of many temporary files, or too many start-up items available, or it could be due to hardware issues such as starting to fail or fragmenting hard drive, or not enough RAM. Always make sure that your antivirus computer software is updated, reduce the number of temporary files to avoid build up, and remove other start-up apps or items. Computer virus and other malware, automatic OS update issue, or hardware issues such as problems with the graphics card, network card drivers, or motherboard can result in restarting of your computer. The basic thing you have to do first is to ensure that the ‘Automatically Restart’ is unchecked on the settings under the ‘Startup and Recovery’ of the ‘Advanced’ tab, and then restart your computer. There could be driver issues if your mouse, keyboard, printer, or other peripherals are not working properly which are software issues, or a problem with the hardware such as computer port problems or peripheral component malfunctioning. This can be resolved by uninstalling and installing of driver, or testing the peripheral components to another computer. There is likely a problem with the software if your computer freezes, the peripheral commands are interpreted incorrectly, attachments not opening, pop-up ads or Google oddly performs. Unusual noises, jumbled computer screen or graphical errors, corrupt files, and very slow downloading are likely hardware issues. While you can do your own troubleshooting, it is still best to bring your laptop or computer to a computer repair shop and seek the expertise and advice of a trusted and reliable computer repair technician.

If you are not technically or computer savvy, you need a professional, expert, experienced, and reliable computer repair technician to help you resolve your computer problems so you can go on and do your computer work in no time. There are many excellent computer repair shops in Georgetown such as Computek, offering computer repair services both for software and hardware issues. Allow Computek to take care of your computer needs, come and check them out by visiting their homepage or website now. With Computek, you are more confident and assured that your desktop or laptop is in the hands of an expert and professional computer repair technician.

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