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For most kitchens, tile flooring is the recommended choice because it is hard, durable, water-resistant, and it can shrug off dirt and stains. In a kitchen home remodeling project, every homeowner will surely have bright ideas given a wide array of kitchen tile colors, shapes, and styles available. In this article, we will discuss the different types of kitchen flooring tiles as well as other materials used for kitchen flooring projects.

The three major types of kitchen floor tiles include porcelain, ceramic, and stone. The prices of kitchen tile vary between $2 to $100 per square foot. Porcelain and ceramic are similar, which are made from clay mixtures fired at extreme temperatures, producing a durable and hard tile. With porcelain floor tile, they have added sand on the clay mixture, made with heat and pressure in order to create a less porous, harder, and denser tile as compared to regular ceramic tile. Because of the durability and toughness that a porcelain tile has, it is suitable for high-traffic areas like your kitchen, and can adapt to any climate. When it comes to unglazed porcelain tiles, they have colors added to the clay mixture so the patterns and colors are carried all the way through the tiles, while glazed porcelain kitchen tiles have glass-like coating specifically applied during process of firing. Porcelain can be challenging to install, requiring special tools, and scratches and wear won’t show on unglazed porcelain.

Regular ceramic floor tiles are also called “non-porcelain”, clearly differentiating it from porcelain. Ceramic tiles are soft, easy to cut and install, and glazed to create a hard wear tile surface in any color and make it impervious to kitchen splashes and spills. On the other hand, stone floor tiles are usually made of natural stone such as granite, slate, travertine, limestone, and marble. Stone kitchen tiles can be polished or honed, wherein honed stone tiles provide greater traction (but lesser vibrant look), and polished stone surfaces show the beauty of the stone (but slippery when wet. It is important to choose the right kitchen floor tile that is best for your home and ensure that it can withstand stains and spills for a long-lasting great look.

The other kitchen flooring ideas include the use of sheet vinyl, hardwood, and linoleum. Sheet vinyl kitchen flooring is stain-proof and waterproof, and it is easy to clean. If you want a single type of flooring that extends beyond your kitchen, it is best to choose hardwood flooring with a great combination of beauty, warmth, and comfort underfoot. Allow us to help you find the best kitchen floor tile and granite countertops for you.

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